About Spoder-Man

Meet Petur Parkur, yer avg joe high-scoler. But dis ain't no regular teen story, coz Petur iz also Spooderman, da super swag Ethereum Token! Once bitin by a supur spoder, Petur's life moonshot nd he transformd into a diamond-hands HODLer, da Spooderman.

Taxes:Weeny Taxez: Spooderman ain't about da taxman. Like Petur swingin thru da city, we swing low on taxez. Mor tendies fer yu, webhead!

Devs:100% Legit Devs: Jus as Petur depends on hiz webz, yu can depend on our devs. No rug-pulls, no bamboozle. Jus transparency nd dedication, making Spooderman da goat uv da crypto game.

Mask onTotal Renouncement: Like Spooderman protecting hiz identity, we've renouncd contract ownership. No shady biz, no sneaky tricks. Pure, uncut crypto fair play in dis 'hood.

LP:LP? Lockd n' Loaded: We'r protectin yur tokens like Spooderman protects New York! Our LP is lockd up tighter than Spooderman's web, so yu can HODL stress-free. We got yer back, webhead!


  • helo me spoder, i make roadmap soon



Qwik tutorial. Da contract iz:

  • 0xD2cDe72041A68613335d21 963437C258442C9557


    1. Git Wallet, Bro!: U gotta getcha sum Etherwallet, lik MetaMask or Trust Wallet. Download dat, set it up, secure yer seed phrase. Keep it secret, keep it safe, jus lik Spooderman's identity, ya dig?
    2. Load Up on Dat ETH: Now yu gotta fill dat wallet wit sum ETH. Go buy sum on yer fav exchange nd transfer dat goodness to yer wallet.
    3. Visit Uniswappy: Head on ovr to Uniswap. Connect dat wallet yu jus set up. Click 'Select a token' nd paste in dat $SPODER contract. Make sur yu got da right one, bro!
    4. Set Slippage, Dude: Set da slippage to bout 2%. It’s lik swingin thru da city – gotta have room to move!
    5. Swap it, Baby: Enter da amount uv ETH yu wanna swap for $SPODER. Hit 'Swap', confirm da deets, nd den 'Confirm Swap'. Yer wallet gonna ask yu 2 confirm too.
    6. HODL Tight: Congrats, bro! Yu just join da Spooderman fam! Hodl tight, we goin' to da moon!
    7. Rmmbr, famz, Spooderman nevr gives financial advice. Always do yer own research. Happy tradin' nd to da moon!